Toothpaste Closeup Diamond Attraction

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Brilliant but not blinding

Product Description

Closeup Diamond Attraction
Close Up Diamond Attraction is a dental care product line is the new generation of research and development by experts leading cosmetic dentistry. This product has gone beyond the basic functions of an ordinary toothpaste, make up trends for dental cosmetics makeup for stylish ladies.
Uses and product functions
– Helps you white teeth visibly after only one brush, and whitening effect will continue to develop when used regularly, return the natural white color of the enamel.
– Eliminate, plaque, help return the natural white color of teeth enamel and gives fresh breath.
Based on the scale of whiteness seen when using the system digital images before and after brushing. “White to see” the optical effects, temporary and may vary depending on the original color of each tooth. 1 times normal brush