Set of Pot KARAAT 8PCS 3D/304

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– CODE: FS003

The kit includes four stainless steel pot lids and 4 as follows:

– Cookers 16cm + Stainless steel lid / cover glass

– Cookers 18cm + Stainless steel lid / cover glass

– Cookers 20cm + Stainless steel lid / cover glass

– Cookers 24cm + Stainless steel lid / cover glass

Product Description

• Design a mix of European classic and modern styles of Asia.

• Use stainless steel raw materials Premium 304 (18/10), is widely used in the medical industry and nuclear should be very safe for consumer health

• Body heat absorption pot fast straight, are heat, the boiler surfaces are completely overshadowed the luxury to make your kitchen space

• The Hold  and rounded knob lid, welded by the method point insulated against heat maximum help and easy to clean.

• The bottom of the pot consists of 3 layers, unique design twists bottom energy savings when used, reduces vitamin loss during cooking.

• Use for all kinds of stoves, including induction cooker.

• Optional glass cover or lid tempered premium stainless steel