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430 Stainless Steel Body -0.8mm high straight high, the hold 3 Inox Communist bottom. Polishing 2 light. Screen printing logo Inchiban Specification: Boiler 16: Hatches glass crucible 18: Lid glass crucible 20: Lid glass crucible 24: 24 Caps pulses glass: no lid



Product Description

Body: SS304-0.6mm. Facility Protection: SS430-0.6mm. Alu: 4mm.
Inside: mirror polished
Outside: satin polished
Handle: Stainless steel mirror polished SS430

Used for all kinds of gas cookers, electric cookers and electric stoves from


Pot is processed by advanced 430 stainless steel materials

430 stainless steel materials not oxidised, stainless and easy to clean, maintain shine for a long time. At the same time, the material has been handled so as not to ten, not affecting food quality and health safety for the user.

The kit consists of 5 and 1 non-stick pan pot

With different sizes 18cm, 22cm and 28cm, with steamed pulses and 1 non-stick pan to suit each and every type of food processing.

Luxurious and comfortable

Glass pot lid during the observed increase efficiency when cooking. In addition, stainless steel handles guarantee certainty and not be deformed when exposed to high temperatures. Sets of stainless steel pot and bring brightness glass, highlighting the overall luxurious create eye-catching for the product.

Consistent with many stoves

Products can be used for gas stoves, electric cookers and induction cooker.

Production in Vietnam