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430 Stainless Steel Body -0.8mm high straight high, the hold 3 Inox Communist bottom. Polishing 2 light. Screen printing logo Inchiban

THE POT : 16cm, 18cm, 22cm



Product Description

Product Features430 stainless steel material
Stainless steel is one of the special use more nickel content should be resistant to corrosion very high. Stainless steel pot so durable, shiny and easy to clean.
3-bottomed pot on the stove unusable from
3 pot bottoms, including an inner layer of stainless steel long hot holding food and no more harmful food substances. An aluminum layer in the middle to bottom of the pan conduct heat evenly, helps prevent burnt pot. Finally the mixed class iron Inox. With this feature, the pot is on the stove using gas stoves from both conventional and durable than similar products.
Fuel savings
The product has good heat absorption so fast hot and keep the heat well. Therefore, using the ICB-06SMM Ichiban pot as you have saved a significant amount of fuel 1 and the cooking time.
Design Utilities
Stainless steel pot with a lid and 2 handles thick and solid, very convenient to pick up or hang up.

Consistent with many stoves
ICB-06SMM Ministry Ichiban pot can be used flexibly for various types of kitchen electric stove, gas stove, stove and kitchen from infrared.