Set of port five star 3 pcs cool yellow

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– FS 009

“””The kit includes 3 pot and 3 caps:

– Cookers 16cm + Stainless steel lid

– Cookers 20cm + Stainless steel lid

– Cookers 24cm + Stainless steel lid”””

Product Description

Use stainless steel materials imported premium.

Luxury design, with polished inner method and rough outside, help us more confident in the food preservation process.

• Design of boiler body straight, help absorb heat faster, more even heat, and maximum energy savings while cooking.

Day 3 grade pot, designed unique spiral will help us better retain heat and use more durable products over time.

Hold of pot coated silicon layer lovely exterior color combination with spot welding methods insulated straps to the body and protect us while cooking just adds to your kitchen space.

The lid is sealed pot, limiting the loss of vitamins and minerals to the outside while cooking.