Stings Energy Drink (Strawberry and Gingsen): 330ml

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– Packing: Can, Pet Bottle.

– 330ml: 24 can/tray

– 330ml: 24 Bottle/ Carton

Product Description

– Ingredients: CO2 saturated water, sugar, acidity regulator (330, 331iii), mixed natural flavor and synthetic oils, mixed premix (taurine 200 mg / L); caffeine (190mg / L); Insitol (30mg / L); Vitamins: B3 (10 mg / L); B6 (2 mg / L); B12, antioxidants (452i, 385), preservatives (202.211), synthetic colors (129), ginseng.
Application: Beverage helps refresh and enhance vitality.
Shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture.
Products may not be suitable for people sensitive to caffeine, and pregnant women.
More delicious cold drink.