ANTEXIM is a General Trading Company in the field of Oversea Trading in Import and Export. We provide online supermarket trading for wide range of Food, Beverage, Consumer products with well-known brands from all over the world. Our professional staff and robust systems are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction by our knowledge, our honesty and by offering top quality products at a fair price and high level of service. The key to our success has been our knowledge and time in the market. We provide our customers with top quality products at excellent prices.Improving our online system to make customer request a quote easily and quickly with many advantages Our major commodities for export are goods with well-known brands in over the world. Apart from the branded products, the Company actively develops some types of goods required by the market, suitable with demand of customers The coming strategy is that the company will cooperate with the manufacturers to improve the product quality and package, aiming to meet customers’ demands all over the world.

Main Export Business Activities:

– Drinks: Beer, Coffee, Energy drink, Milk, Soft drink, Tea, Fruit juice, Cafe.

– Foods: Canned food, Chili sauce, Condiment, Cooking Oil, Noodle, Dried fruit etc.

– Baby care: Bayby lotion and shampoo,

– Napkin- diapers.

– Fabric Softener: Comfort, Downy, Comfort Fabric conditioner, Tide, Omo,Viso and Surf detergent powder

– Confectionery: Agar Jelly Pudding, Biscuits, Candy, Gum, Snacik.

– Cosmetics: Beach clothes, Cleaning Chemical, Deodorant, Detergent Powder, Dish washing, Hand washing, Personal tape, Shower Gel and soap, Skin care, Spray room, Tampons, Bath soap, Toilet paper.

– Dental hygiene: Close up, Colgate, Listerine, Oral B, PS. – Detergent: Arial, Omo, Surf, Tide, etc.

– Hair care: Protecter and Gramble, Unilever, others.

– Ceramic wares: Vases, flower, pots, decorative items and house ware items.

– Handicraft and Art Articles: Bead handbags, Lacquer wares, silver-coated wares, Hand Embroidered articles, Seagrass , Rattan and bamboo wares, Carpet.

– Wooden and Bamboo products: Wooden and Rattan Furniture, Decorative bamboo and rattan, Bamboo Chopstick and Patch.

– Canned food, cooking oil, baby cucumber in jar, pineapple in can.

– Agricultural Products: Black Tea, Bitter Tea, Cafe, Coconut shell charcoal, Coconut fibre, Fermented have bassage.

– Garment, shoe, lining shoe.


– Materials for Non-Woven Fabric.

– Machinery, Equipment and tools.

– Consumer goods: Electrical Home Appliances

Below is an overview of services ANT Business Mall provides to assist overseas companies begin or increase business activities in Vietnam market. This includes some examples among many of our customized business services

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We provide online supermarket trading for wide range of Food, Beverage, Consumer products with well-known brands from all over the world